How To Stop Chicken Diseases Of Chicken Leukocytosis

Clinical Symptoms

Sick chickens have dispirited state of mind, closed eyes, looseness of the bowels as well as loss of appetite; feces are eco-friendly, often bloody; chickens are anemic, drop weight, have pale crowns as well as slow growth; egg manufacturing rate goes down sharply, thin-shelled eggs and soft-shelled eggs enhance, as well as even stop laying.

How To Avoid Chicken Diseases Of Chicken Leukocytosis

How To Stop Chicken Diseases Of Chicken Leukocytosis

① During the epidemic season, screens inside and outside the chicken coop should be splashed with Malathion and also various other drugs to kill Culex mosquitoes and also gnats as well as cut off the transmission course.

② Unwell chickens were treated with 0.3% sulfadimethoxypyrimethamine or 0.1% cotrimoxazole for 5-6 days.

③ Use sulfaquinoxaline blended with feed or alcohol consumption water.

④ Add 3-5 mg of vitamin K3 per litre of water for 10 days.

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