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How does a wood pellet machine work?

Typically, wood pellet maker can be identified right into level die pellet maker and ring die pellet machine.

Ring die pellet mill has huge quantity as well as high ability. It appropriates for manufacturing facility usage and also large-scale production. Flat die pellet mill is tiny as well as portable. It has lower capability, ideal for residence use and also small manufacturing. The cost of level die pellet mill is a lot less than ring die pellet mill

Framework of level die pellet mill

Inside out, a level die pellet mill is made up of a feed receptacle, a top cupboard, a discharge outlet, a pin box, gear box, a transmission shaft, an electrical control cupboard, an electric motor, a engine base, and 4 wheels, and so on.

The electrical motor can be changed by a diesel motor, gasoline engine, or a PTO port.

The core components: roller and also level die

The pelletizing part of the flat die pellet machine is a press roller and also a flat die. They are set up in the top cabinet. There are 2-4 rollers installed on the 2 ends of the roller shaft. The rollers have grooves on the surface area. The roller and also flat die is constructed from exceptional alloy steel, whose firmness is 55-60 HRC.

There are many openings on the level die, whose diameter is from 2.5 mm to 10mm, and 6mm, 8mm as well as 10mm are the most usual kinds. They understand the most effective compression ratio with a large number of experiments, suitable for greater than 30 type of materials.

The clearance in between the roller as well as level die is 0.1-0.3 mm. This is where the raw material layer kinds. There are 2 readjusting nuts on the side of the pellet mill, you can change the clearance to adapt to various materials.

How does a flat die pellet machine job?

When you feed resources into the pellet maker via the hopper, they fall on the level die and also spread over it under the feature of roller.

When you begin the pellet maker, the electrical motor runs and bring along the main shaft with the transmission. Journalism roller is mounted on the major shaft, so it turns around the primary shaft. At the same time, the rollers rotate around the roller shaft.

The revolving press types solid pressure as well as press the raw materials into the holes on the level die. The raw products obtain formed in these openings. When they are ejected, they become solid cyndrical tubes. Meanwhile, the solid rubbing in between roller and die warm up the raw materials to over 80 ° C, where the lignin and also fibers obtain soft. They increase the adhesive force of materials.

The diameter of the pellets is identified by the hole dimension of the level die, while the size is figured out by the slicer under the level die. When the biomass pellets come out in the form of cylinders, the slicer under the flat die reduced them right into particular length. You can change the position of slicer to transform the size.

After being reduced by the slicers, the pellets fall down on the pellet-throwing tray. Under the feature of centrifugal force, the pellets are sent though the discharge electrical outlet.

2 kinds of flat die pellet equipment

Apartment die pellet mill can be identified into roller-turned kind and die-turned type. The former one has its flat die mounted on the primary shaft. When the machine functions, the flat die rotates and the roller keep still. The later one has the press roller mounted on the primary shaft. The roller turns with the main shaft, while the level die maintain still.

Roller-turned type adopts more reliable structure. It has larger capacity and even more sturdy transmission. However Die-turned kind is more little as well as mobile, with reduced expense. Naturally, both of them have the ability to make top notch pellets.

Benefits as well as weakness of flat die pellet machine

Apartment die pellet mill has simple framework. It is tiny, light and mobile. The price is a lot lower than ring die pellet maker It is very easy to operate and preserve. You can observe the pelletizing procedure and also address any kind of mistake in time. So it is preferred with farmers, residence customers, as well as tiny fuel production plant.

The flat dies are wearing parts, you require to change it consistently. However it can be made use of with both sides. You can transform it over when one side has actually worn. In this way you can prolong their working life and reduce cost.

On the other hand, the moving distance are various in the inner and external side of roller, which create the slide of rollers and abrasion on the level die. Presently, several level die pellet machine adopt conical roller to resolve this trouble. RICHI level die pellet machine takes on tapered roller and also remarkable alloy steel in the level die. Click the button listed below to obtain a quick quote!

Besides, the contact location of roller as well as flat die is smaller sized than ring die pellet maker, so the manufacturing capability as well as forming rate is reduced.

Just how does a ring die pellet equipment job?

Framework of ring die pellet equipment

A ring die pellet equipment is composed of a screw feeder, conditioner, roller and ring die, release port, electrical motor, gearbox, stand.

The ring die pellet maker is driven by a direct-connected electric motor. The motor connect with the gearbox with a shaft combining. The transmission bring along the primary shaft, as well as the main shaft bring along the rollers. So the roller began to rotate inside the ring die.

When you feed resources into the ring die pellet machine with the receptacle, they are transmitted to the conditioner, where the raw materials are combined with vapor or butter. The conditioning of the raw products aims to boost the adhesive pressure and forming rate.

After that, the processed basic materials will be transferred to the pelletizing cabinet. Under the centrifugal pressure, they are dispersed on the inner side of the ring die. The roller press the raw materials into the holes on the ring die. The high temperature and also high pressure reason physical and also chemical adjustments to the raw materials.

When they are ejected from the ring die, they come to be solid round sticks. The sticks grow much longer, until they are reduced by the slicer outside the ring die. After that the pellets drop as well as come out via the outlet.

Two types of ring die pellet maker

According to different positionings of the ring die, there are vertical ring die pellet machine and also straight ring die pellet maker.

In the horizontal kind, the ring die is put up and down. When raw materials fall down from the conditioner, they are fed right into the ring die horizontally by a forced feeder. In the upright kind, the ring die is positioned flat. The feed receptacle is right over the ring die, and also the raw products falls into the ring die directly.

In the upright ring die pellet equipment, both the roller and ring die turn. They develop centrifugal pressure and distribute resources consistently. In the straight ring die pellet machine, just the ring die rotates. The raw products are dispersed in the ring die by the screw feeder.

Benefits and weak point of ring die pellet equipment

Ring die pellet mill includes high capacity. The manufacturing per hour is from 800kg to 20t. When it comes to level die pellet maker, the ability is from 100kg/h to 1t/t. So if you production demand is under 800kg, you would certainly better select flat die pellet maker, or ring die pellet equipment is more suitable.

Because of the high production, the power consumption per unit is reduced. The abrasion in between roller and also die is smaller. The procedure and also maintenance is easy. The pellets are uniform in size.

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